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Police budget 2021/22 consultation

The police budget consultation has now closed. Thank you to those who took part. Find out the results of the consultation

Introducing the police budget 2021/22 consultation

Four and a half years ago you did me the great honour of asking me to be your Police and Crime Commissioner. I pledged to you then to do all in my power to keep our county safe, to protect the vulnerable and to support victims of crime. I undertook to ensure an effective and efficient police force equipped with the 21st century tools to prevent and tackle crime in the 21st century. I also committed to be a good steward of police resources - money that is yours, not mine.  

Central to the delivery of all these things is the budget for policing in Norfolk – which I am required by law to set. As part of this duty, I must decide how much you contribute through the policing element of Council Tax – the police precept. To inform that decision, each year I consult with people across the county, setting out the challenges your police service faces in keeping you safe from harm and highlighting new opportunities for Norfolk Constabulary to support you and your families.

Based on that information, I give you, the residents of Norfolk, the opportunity to voice your opinion on how far you are prepared to support your police force in tackling those challenges and realising those opportunities.

Looking back over my term as PCC, every year a large majority of you has supported an increase in the police precept to ensure Norfolk Constabulary can continue to provide the high-quality policing services you want and expect from them. You’ve also made possible investment in key areas of policing vital to remaining fit for purpose against the changing face of crime and increases in demand and complexity.

Again this year, I am hoping residents will understand the challenges Norfolk Constabulary faces in these unprecedented times and respond in a positive way so our police service can continue to provide a service that ensures the safety of us all in the county.