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PCC presents draft police and crime blueprint and starts to ‘put meat on the bones’

Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner has presented his draft police and crime blueprint for the county and started to ‘put some meat on the bones’.

After an intensive eight-week consultation, which saw him travel the length and breadth of Norfolk, Lorne Green took his draft Police and Crime Plan 2016-2020 to the county’s Police and Crime Panel this morning (Weds 14 September).

Lorne said: “I want to thank the more than 3,000 people who took part in the consultation; you have helped shape policing in our county for the next four years. I started out with a blank sheet of paper on 20 June, and invited the people of our county to help me develop a police and crime plan that was a true reflection of their interests. I pledged during the election campaign that I would give every woman, man and child in the county the opportunity to influence policing where they live. I have honoured that pledge.”

The draft plan includes seven strategic aims:

• to increase visible policing • support rural communities • improve road safety • prevent offending and rehabilitate offenders • support victims and reduce vulnerability • deliver a modern and innovative service, and • good stewardship of PCC finances

After outlining the draft plan to Members, Lorne said: “I thank the Panel for their feedback and will now validate the draft plan with key partners before its official launch in the autumn. However, I am already starting to put some meat on the bones in terms of specific initiatives to support the plan’s main aims.

“In recent days I have signed an order and committed funds to replace, now, all old computers for police officers and staff across the county, rather than waiting for the IT to break down. This is a first down-payment on my determination to provide our police with 21st century tools to fight crime in the 21st century. Second, I will host a Rural Crime Summit on 28 October at which an intensified rural crime strategy will be formally announced. Lastly, in mid-November, I will launch a road safety awareness and education campaign, as I promised I would, including the first outing of a wrecked car. I will be a PCC of deeds as well as words.”

The papers from the Panel meeting can be accessed on the Norfolk County Council website.