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Prison and community based support

We work with partners in developing initiatives which helps prisoners and ex-offenders to turn their lives around.

Community Chaplaincy Norfolk (CCN)

Community Chaplaincy Norfolk was launched in the county in February 2017, funded by Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC). CCN offers a task orientated mentoring scheme which identifies attitudes and behaviours that previously led to criminality.

Support is given to enable change to take place so that involvement in positive activities is undertaken rather than continuation of addictive and antisocial behaviours. These activities involve regular meetings with mentors, identifying and encouraging personal interests of offenders and encouraging them towards education, training / employment.

Community Chaplaincy Norfolk website

"From the age of three to 18 years I was in the care system. After that I spent roughly 15 years homeless and after a few short sentences eventually served 10 years in prison. Drugs and alcohol were a massive part of my life. As bad as the sentence was, it saved my life and I took every advantage to gain my education.

"One of the chaplaincy team referred me to the CCN and they visited me in prison.

"On the day of my release I arrived at my accommodation and to my surprise CCN had left me a food parcel and clothes. This really helped as my first day out was such as whirlwind and quite overwhelming.

"But the help and support of the CCN and the mentors provided me was so beneficial. I eventually was encouraged to do the mentor training and I now go and talk with new mentors about my life experiences.

"The help, support and encouragement I received has boosted my confidence and I am now going on to further training." 

CCN Client

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Rescue Re-hab

Rescue Re-hab is funded by Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner and is managed by Norwich Best for Pets. 

A number of homeless dogs from a local rehoming centre are taken into HMP Norwich and suitable prisoners work alongside the dogs with support from a qualified dog trainer to train in the areas of dog handing, training and socialisation. 

Many of the prisoners who have been involved in training the dogs and receive certificates in areas of dog handing, training and socialisation, have seen an increase in their confidence, well-being, mental health and self-motivation.


Positive comments from prisoners who have taken part include: 

“The highlight of my week…where for a few hours I feel anxiety free.” 

“I have learnt to manage my anger.” 

“I have felt calmer and more positive.” 

“The classes are like therapy.” 

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