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Youth Commission

The Norfolk Youth Commission allows young people to get involved and have their say about policing and crime where they live.

Set up in 2017, the Youth Commission is a diverse group of young people, aged between 13 and 25, from all over the Norfolk policing area. 

By being part of the Youth Commission, its members help shape decisions about crime and policing, supporting, challenging and informing the work of Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC).

The Youth Commission has been established to enable young people to voice their opinions and be heard. By sharing their views and experiences of crime, policing and criminal justice system, the Commission seeks to ensure local decision-makers not only understand young people’s needs but are also working to meet them.

Through peer research, members take the work being done by the Commission to a wider youth audience, encouraging participation, gathering information and drawing conclusions to inform the recommendations they make to the PCC.

Since the release of their ‘Big Conversation’ report in April 2018 which identified six key priority areas including; Journeys through the Justice System, Relationships with the Police, Mental Health, Abusive Relationships, Substance Misuse and Peer Pressure & Social Media the Commission has grown from strength to strength.

Following the first national lockdown the Youth Commission launched a six-month long project to gauge the main concerns of young people during the pandemic. The report was published in late December 2020 with domestic abuse highlighted as a top area of concern.

Big Conversation report