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Financial governance

Throughout the year monitoring takes place of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) and Norfolk Police budgets. Formal reports on spending against the budget are submitted to public meetings where the PCC holds the Chief Constable to account for the Force’s performance. 

At the end of the financial year, annual accounts are prepared and these are subject to examination by external auditors, Ernst and Young, who are required to provide an audit opinion. The accounts have to be audited and formally approved by the PCC and the Chief Constable. 

In addition to the work undertaken by the external auditors, internal auditors have been appointed to ensure that throughout the year there is continual audit coverage of internal controls, financial and business risk. The Head of Internal Audit reports to the independent Audit Committee. 

For more information about the PCC and Chief Constable’s governance arrangements, please use the links below.


Your PCC holds a public meeting with Norfolk’s Chief Constable quarterly to hold him to account for the policing service delivered in the county. Those meetings are known as the PCC Accountability Meeting and a standing item on the agenda is the budget report, allowing the PCC to monitor how police funds are being used.

More information on the PCC Accountability Meeting

Annual accounts

Your PCC is required by law to publish a set of accounts each year providing a breakdown of the PCC’s and Constabulary’s financial performance and financial position. The statement of accounts is then audited by external auditors. 

More information on annual accounts

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is independent of the PCC and Norfolk Police, and it considers the internal and external audit reports of both the PCC and the Chief Constable. 

Audit Committee

Financial regulations

The Financial Management Code of Practice seeks to provide clarity around the financial governance arrangements within the police service, and reflects the statutory duty to secure value for money in the use of public funds. It applies to the discharge of functions by all PCCs in England and Wales, and the Chief Constables of the police forces they maintain.

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