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Norfolk's Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) is committed to collaborating with others to provide effective and efficient services. Areas where the PCC is collaborating are set out below:

Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies

Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies have been collaborating since 2010, and that partnership has produced significant savings for both constabularies.  An extensive programme of collaborative work has already delivered a number of joint units and departments in areas such as Major Investigations, Protective Services, Custody, Transport, HR, Finance and ICT.

Collaboration between Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies is one of the most successful in the country.  The PCC meets with Suffolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner and the Chief Constables of both counties to monitor collaborative work between the two forces and keeps existing collaboration arrangements under review.

7 Force / Eastern Region Collaboration

The 7 Force Collaboration Programme includes Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Kent police forces.  This strategic collaboration programme was established in 2015 to develop and implement successful collaborative solutions to protect the frontline local delivery of policing.

7 Force Collaboration briefing

7 Force / Procurement Supplier Charter

The public sector has a vital role in furthering sustainable development through its procurement of goods, works and services. Our Supplier Charter sets out some basic principles of how we will conduct business in an open, honest and transparent manner and the behaviours and practices we expect of our suppliers and partners from whom we expect the highest standards of business ethics. 

We expect suppliers to comply fully with all laws, regulations and standards that are applicable to their business and operations and that they will also ensure their suppliers and supply chains comply with this charter. 

Procurement Supplier Charter


7 Force Procurement Contract Standing Orders - April 2023 


Emergency Services Collaboration – Police And Fire

During the 2016-2021 PCC term, a legislative change under the Policing and Crime Act 2017 permitted PCCs to consider whether governance of fire and rescue services in their police force area should fall under their remit.

Under former PCC Lorne Green, an outline business case was developed followed by a full public consultation. In November 2018, PCC Lorne Green decided not to submit a final business case to the the Secretary of State for a change of fire service governance in Norfolk. Instead a programme of enhanced collaboration between Norfolk Constabulary and Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service was agreed.

You can view the annual reports of the enhanced collaboration work programme using the links below, along with background information on the fire governance review. 

Fire Governance Review

Annual Emergency Services Collaboration Report - 2019

Annual Emergency Services Collaboration Report - 2020