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Freedom of information disclosures

Find in our disclosure log below details of the responses we have made to freedom of information requests. Where numbers are missing, these requests were transferred to Norfolk Constabulary for response.

Disclosure log

FOI-OPCCN-228 - SIRO queries
FOI-OPCCN-227 - Knife Crime
FOI-OPCCN-224 - Grant Funding
FOI-OPCCN-223 - Accounts
FOI-OPCCN-220 - Commissioning
FOI-OPCCN-219 - Review
FOI-OPCCN- 219 - Speed Limits
FOI-OPCCN-218 - Review
FOI-OPCCN-218 - Consultations

FOI-OPCCN-210 - Surveys
FOI-OPCCN-208 - Precept


FOI-OPCCN-175 - Agency Labour
FOI-OPCCN-171 - Agency Labour


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