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Anti-Slavery Day 2023

Today is Anti-Slavery Day in the UK and the Norfolk Anti-Slavery Network is looking forward to the year ahead with a strong partnership to tackle Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking. 

269 victims of Modern Slavery were identified in Norfolk between July 2022 to June 2023 in labour exploitation, enforced criminality, domestic servitude and sex trafficking.  Joining forces, working in partnership, sharing information and striving together to eliminate the impact of this crime within our communities is the ONE THING that we can all do.

So, today we hereby challenge our partners and communities to DO ONE THING to strengthen their response in tackling modern slavery in Norfolk, which could be any one of the following:

  • Learn to spot the signs of Modern Slavery and report
  • Sign up for our newsletter for the latest data and updates for Norfolk
  • Sign up for our training packages
  • Join our Network as a partner and take part in our regular strategy meetings

On Anti-Slavery Day commit to DO ONE THING to end Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking.

Visit the Norfolk Anti-Slavery Network to find out more