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Communities join together to tackle speeding

More than 40 Community Speed Watch teams from across Norfolk will be taking to the roads on Saturday in a bid to tackle speeding.

The speed watch groups will be joined by Road Safety teams, Roads Policing, the Special Constabulary and Norfolk Police Cadets with the aspiration that a driver making a journey around Norfolk on the day will see at least one, if not several visible speed watch activities.

Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner Lorne Green has funded a number of Community Speed Watch Schemes in the county in areas including the Great Yarmouth, South Norfolk and North Norfolk – totalling around £12,000.

Improving road safety is one of the core priorities in the PCC’s Police and Crime Plan with ‘reducing speeding in rural villages and communities’ being one of his key strategic objectives.

“Road safety is a big concern for many of Norfolk’s residents, with excessive speed being one of the Fatal 4 factors which put our road users at risk. This is why I have invested in a number of schemes to tackle speeding on our county’s roads,” said Lorne.

“The purpose of Community Speed Watch Schemes are not to spoil our pleasure in responsible driving, but to protect us from unsafe driving. We want all road users in Norfolk to have a safe and enjoyable bank holiday weekend.

“This is community spirit at its best – cooperation between Community Speed Watch volunteers and our police to keep our roads safe and I am delighted to have been able to support several schemes across Norfolk.

“Respect and honour our Community Speed Watch volunteers. The life they save may be your own.”

Each of the seven districts across Norfolk has a designated police officer called an Engagement Officer who is a point of contact for the Community Speed Watch Schemes who will provide support and assistance to members.

Temporary Inspector Vicky Hebborn, of Community Safety and Citizens in Policing, said: “The day will operate in the same way as any other speed watch session, other than the fact that there will be a number of people out at the same time.  Road traffic units where available will also be on mobile patrol and attempt to link in with as many groups as possible.

“Although we will be collecting data from the day, the success of the event is not measured by the number of records, traffic offence reports, or traffic stops.  The purpose of such a visible deterrent is exactly that, intended to deter people from committing speeding offences in the first place, and groups should take pride in low, or nil returns as a measure of success.”

If you would like to set up a Community Speed Watch Scheme in your village or town, contact the Norfolk Safety Camera Partnership on 01603 276433 or the  Norfolk Constabulary's local district Engagement Officer by dialling 101.