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New digital tool gives Norfolk residents clearer picture of crime

A new crime information pack which aims to give residents a clearer picture of crime in their local area has been launched nationally.

The Digital Crime and Performance Pack (DCPP) is intended to bring greater transparency and accountability to the public to understand their local police force performance - including in Norfolk.

The DCPP was first published today (13 June 2023) and includes published data on homicide, serious violence, and neighbourhood crime. Users are able to filter by time periods, view maps and graphs for all crime types and, for neighbourhood crime, view at Community Safety Partnership (CSP) level. 

Updates will be provided following the publication of quarterly crime statistics by the Office of National Statistics.

Commenting on the publication, Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Giles Orpen-Smellie, said: “I am pleased that the public is being given access to the Digital Crime and Performance Pack.  This will help Norfolk residents understand the effects of policing on the ground in three specific areas: homicide, serious violence and neighbourhood crime. 

“I and other PCCs across the country have wanted a digital tool like this for some time so that we can provide greater transparency and accountability about how the police tackle crime.  It’s important that people can judge the performance of their police force at a local level.

“Norfolk is a safe place to live, as the data in this pack shows, which reflects the hard work of police officers who are on duty across the county 24-7-52.”

You can find out more about crime in your area by visiting our Police Data page

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