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Older Person Independent Domestic Violence Adviser

It is a false assumption that domestic abuse ceases beyond a certain age and those aged 61+ have historically been considered ‘hidden’ victims. Recently there has been momentum to understand the scale of the problem.

It is reported by Safelives Safe Later Lives - Older people and domestic abuse.pdf (, victims over 61 are more likely to experience domestic abuse from an adult family member, than those under 60. Older victims are more likely to be living with the perpetrator while accessing support and are significantly more likely to have a disability than those under 60.

It is recognised older victims of domestic abuse face many similar barriers to any victim. However, for older victims, their barriers are exacerbated by social, cultural and physical factors, which requires a deep understanding and a tailored approach.

Within the team of specialist Independent Domestic Violence Advisers (IDVAs) at the Norfolk Integrated Domestic Abuse Service (NIDAS), we are delighted to introduce our Older Person IDVA. Our IDVA has a wealth of experience working with older victims in Norfolk and works with a holistic, person-centred approach. The ways older victims need support can be different to those under 60. The Older Person IDVA has a deep understanding of the varying, overlapping needs an older victim may have and will respond to these needs, at the victims pace.

Part of the work the Older Person IDVA does, is to engage with local agencies/organisations whose focus is to work with support older people. It is essential to let all professionals and victims know there is support available for them, at their pace, to support all of their needs, with no judgement and full understanding of their potential barriers to access support.

If you would like to learn more about the work of the Older Person IDVA, would like a NIDAS overview of all service provision, or needs advice, guidance or a referral for support:

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