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PCC backs campaign targeting mobile phone use behind the wheel

Drivers who text and talk behind the wheel are to be targeted this week as police in Norfolk take part in a national campaign.

Norfolk PCC Lorne Green is backing the campaign, led by the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC), which will see roads policing officers carrying out additional patrols.

“Police figures released today show the number of people caught driving while using a mobile phone in Norfolk has dropped year on year, with a 65% reduction over four years”, he said.

“Yet, when talking to the people of Norfolk about their safety concerns, reckless driving is one of their top worries, and few people claim never to have seen someone texting or talking while driving.

“The work police and partners do, not just during campaign weeks but all year round, to educate drivers is undoubtedly making people more aware of the dangers. And I fully support increased enforcement campaigns like this to target offenders and bring them to justice. But there’s only so much our police can do to keep Norfolk’s roads safe – the rest comes down to social responsibility.

“Put quite simply, reckless driving kills – whether through excessive speed, being drunk or on drugs, or not giving the road your full attention. 714 people were caught in 2014 after making a selfish decision to reach for their phone while driving – they not only put themselves at risk, but also their passengers, other road users and pedestrians. There’s no excuse for it, and they certainly can’t claim they were unaware of the dangers.”