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PCC launches £450K fund to support hidden victims in Norfolk

Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner Lorne Green has launched a £450K fund to support hidden victims of crime and reduce vulnerability in Norfolk.

The Hidden Victims’ Fund, which will run over three years, will support pilot projects, preventative work and service delivery in the areas of:

  • Hate Crime
  • Modern Slavery
  • Human Trafficking
  • Gangs, guns and knives
  • Stalking and Harassment
  • Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Criminal exploitation of vulnerable groups
  • Sex Workers
  • FGM/Forced Marriage/Honour Based Abuse
  • Domestic Abuse/Sexual Violence in groups with protected characteristics

And where:

  • crime is underreported
  • there are no mainstream services or projects
  • services or projects are outside the scope of existing commissioned services

Lorne said: “Supporting victims and reducing vulnerability in Norfolk is a main priority for me as PCC and is also a core aim of my Police and Crime Plan. This major fund aims to help prevent some of those ‘hidden’ crimes which are traditionally under-reported and, crucially, to support those who are victims of such crimes.

“Crimes such as modern slavery, stalking and harassment and hate crime for example, are often under-reported and we need to do more to support and encourage victims to come forward. This is a significant investment, but one which I believe is hugely important for Norfolk and I am proud to be able to make such a commitment.

“I would encourage organisations who meet the criteria to come forward and apply for funding and together we can work to make a real difference.”

The funding comes from the PCC’s core commissioning budget.

Who can apply and how?


The Hidden Victims Fund is now closed to applications.

Only registered charities, social enterprises, constituted community groups, Community Interest Groups (CIC’s), can apply for funding.  All projects must be carried out within Norfolk and all organisations must be able to demonstrate local delivery.

Applicants must clearly support the delivery of local policy and strategy addressing one or more of the above areas.  All projects will have to demonstrate levels of need, why these needs are currently unmet and the risk and harm to victims if project/service does not go ahead.

All correspondence, including expressions of interest and full applications will be managed through the national Bluelight EU Supply Portal which can be found at Full details and deadlines are also available on the Bluelight website.