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PCC Lorne Green welcomes plans to cut reoffending

Norfolk's PCC Lorne Green has written to the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice welcoming a Government strategy to boost prisoners’ skills while in custody and improve their chances of securing work on release.

David Gauke made the announcement outlining the Education and Employment strategy on Thursday (May 24):

Lorne has written to the Justice Secretary saying he was ‘greatly encouraged’ by the new strategy, adding that cutting reoffending was a major priority for him.

In the letter Lorne highlights the success of the multi-agency Gateway to Employment (GtoE) scheme which seeks to overcome obstacles to ex-offender employment and match offenders with potential employers. Some 83 potential providers and employers are now on the books and, since the beginning of this year, 43 job offers and interviews have resulted.

Lorne outlines the work of other key multi-agency work in the areas of rehabilitation which are helping in the prevention of reoffending in Norfolk.

Read Lorne's letter in full here