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PCC responds to Chief Constable's message of public reassurance

I welcome the Chief Constable’s comments today, particularly his words of reassurance for Cromer and the surrounding communities.

I have followed closely the events in Cromer and the surrounding area last weekend, and the related media, police and public comment. In the process, I have been in daily contact with the Chief Constable and senior police officers, and I sought reassurance from the Chief Constable early on that a thorough review of the police response had been actioned and was underway.

It is my duty to ensure that the views and concerns of the Norfolk community are clearly and fully represented to the Constabulary and are taken fully into account in that review. I am confident the views of the community have, and continue to be, heard and listened to – not least through the series of police surgeries and engagement with community stakeholders taking place this week.

What’s important now, with the Bank Holiday coming up, is that Cromer and North Norfolk can have a really enjoyable weekend and end to the school holiday season. I understand there are concerns in the town, but our Chief Constable’s words today should offer residents, businesses and visitors to Cromer reassurance that policing resources are in place to keep them safe and so they can feel safe.

I take seriously my responsibilities to ensure an efficient and effective police force and have the Chief Constable explain how the Constabulary meets its requirements under the county’s Police and Crime Plan. My intention is to hold a special Police Accountability Forum meeting in Cromer on 6 September at 5:30pm – that will be a public meeting dedicated to the police preparation and response to the events in Cromer last weekend and giving the public the opportunity to ask their questions of the Chief Constable and me. Further details of that meeting, including the venue, will be released in due course.