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PCC responds to latest crime statistics for Norfolk

Norfolk's PCC has responded to the latest release of crime statistics data for all forces in England and Wales from the Office of National Statistics. 

The statistics cover the period from September 2020 to September 2021. Across England and Wales, an overall increase in crime was recorded, with a high percentage attributable to increases in fraud and computer misuse, whilst sexual offences also showed increases.

Whilst figures for those crimes have risen, the figures also revealed that Norfolk ranks as having the second lowest rate nationally for burglary and low rates of offences such as shoplifting and vehicle crimes. 

Giles Orpen-Smellie, Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk said:

“This latest set of national crime figures may be worrying for some, as we see increases in crimes such as fraud and computer-based criminality as well as increases in sexual offences, stalking and harassment.

“I have been discussing crime statistics with the Chief Constable and whilst I am concerned that Norfolk’s data reflects the national figures we already have a plan in Norfolk to reinforce those police capabilities responsible for tackling these types of crimes.

“Furthermore, the statistics provided by the ONS have been used to inform the development of my Police, Crime and Community Safety Plan, which comes into effect on March 31.

“In recent weeks, I have consulted with people across Norfolk on the value of the policing precept that is paid through their council tax. The proposed increase to the precept was based on investment in additional specialist officers to investigate sexual offences and domestic abuse and a greater focus on supporting victims whilst bringing perpetrators to justice.

“Responding to a growth in fraud offences will also be a priority in my plan and my office already commissions services to support victims of these crimes.

"I am pleased to note that Norfolk has the second lowest burglary rate in the country and that shoplifting and vehicle crime continue to be low. These figures should reassure people that Norfolk remains a safe place to live and work.

“As PCC I am committed to ensuring that Norfolk Constabulary is investing time and resources in responding to the crimes that are most prevalent in our county and I know that our Chief Constable shares my focus on preventing crime, supporting victims and bringing perpetrators to justice.”

The full statistics can be found on the ONS website