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PCC seeks further reassurance from Chief Constable over ‘one stop’ police ICT system

Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner will be tackling the county’s Chief Constable over data quality following the introduction of a ‘one stop’ police ICT system.

In October Norfolk Constabulary introduced a new ICT system called Athena which, for the first time, brought together areas of investigation management including crime recording, intelligence and custody and case preparation.

At the last Police Accountability Forum in January, PCC Stephen Bett raised concerns over the implementation of the system and the quality of data that was being produced. The PCC wanted to know whether the introduction of Athena was having an effect on frontline policing and resourcing.

Stephen Bett said: “I raised concerns over the implementation of Athena in January after speaking to officers on the ground. I wanted reassurances that issues in introducing the system were not having an adverse effect on frontline policing and resourcing and the force’s ability to identify victims and the vulnerable. I was given that reassurance; however the Chief Constable acknowledged that there were some ongoing challenges around reliability and data quality and told me that an action plan had been drawn up and agreed to continue to update me. I asked for an update at our next public meeting and I will expect to hear what progress has been made.”

A report to tomorrow’s (Thurs March 24) Police Accountability Forum on Athena recognises there are ‘system issues that need to be addressed’ and says that the force has established an executive level group to manage the situation.

Other areas for scrutiny at the meeting include Norfolk Constabulary’s Digital Strategy and the force Liaison and Diversion Scheme.

*The Police Accountability Forum will be held at Norfolk Police Headquarters, Falconers Chase, Wymondham and starts at 10am.