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PCC supports national campaign to raise awareness about sexual abuse and violence

At the start of a national week aimed at raising awareness about sexual violence Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner has announced extra funding for survivors of such abuse.

Last month PCC Lorne Green revealed he had doubled the grant he gives to the Sue Lambert Trust in a direct response to an increased demand for its services.

And now, during Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week, Lorne has announced the Norfolk charity will receive a further £155,000 for the 2018/19 financial year.

“As the only Norfolk-based provider of specialist comprehensive support for survivors, the Sue Lambert Trust’s services have been placed under great pressure as they have worked to cope with increasing calls for support,” said Lorne.

“I truly admire the commitment and dedication shown by the team at Sue Lambert and while I wish their services weren’t needed, it’s comforting to know that this first-class help and support is available for survivors of sexual abuse.”

Supporting victims and reducing vulnerability is one of Lorne’s core priorities in his Police and Crime Plan for the county.

“In my role as the victims’ champion, I am responsible for ensuring victims are respected and supported in the criminal justice system and that wherever possible, there are services in place to help them to cope and recover from their experiences,” added Lorne.

“It is however vital that, as well as supporting victims, we all work together to raise awareness of what constitutes abuse and identify how we can prevent it because #itsnotok.”
“The crimes these people have experienced are heinous and having taken that monumental step to seek help we owe it to them to ensure the specialist services they need are available, which is why my office has announced extra funding for the Sue Lambert Trust.”
The Sue Lambert Trust, which operates from Norwich and Great Yarmouth, with satellite services in King’s Lynn and Thetford, provides counselling, practical and emotional support to men, women and young people aged 11 and over who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse, rape and sexual assault.

Police and Crime Commissioners are responsible for commissioning victim support services in their police force area, and all PCCs receive dedicated funding from the Ministry of Justice for that purpose.

Sue Lambert’s Chief Executive Mette Ohrvik, said: “We are so pleased to be able to work with the Police and Crime Commissioner and the OPCCN staff. They are very keen to understand the needs of our clients and to do what they can to support us in delivering services that make a real difference to survivors’ lives.”

The work the PCC funding helps to support at Sue Lambert includes:
  • Face to face counselling for clients with complex issues - specialising in dealing with issues of sexual violence and other forms of abuse.
  • 12 weeks face to face counselling – for clients with less complex issues.
  • Emotional and practical support for those on a waiting list for counselling, or with additional needs which includes providing emotional support, advocacy, practical advice and access to other services.
  • Self-help groups – 4 groups per month for women who experienced childhood sexual abuse, and 2 groups for men who have experienced sexual violence or abuse.
  • One off support sessions for people in crisis.
Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week takes place across the UK from today Monday 5 February until Sunday 11 February, with organisations across the county raising awareness of how to prevent it, using the hashtag #itsnotok2018.

The PCC has also supported the Magdalene Group’s ROSE Project which provides intensive support to young people at risk of, or victim of, child sexual exploitation (CSE).

Such work has included supporting young people through the police and court system and helping them to recognise healthy relationships to stay safe from sexual exploitation and harm in the future.

The PCC also provided a grant of £48,060 for between 1 April 2016 and 31 March 2018, to support work carried out under the ROSE Project - in particular the post of a Child Sexual Exploitation Services Manager.

For more information on Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week visit here.