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Fire Governance Review

The review of fire service governance in Norfolk was carried out during the 2016-2021 term of former PCC Lorne Green. In November 2018, the decision was taken not to submit a final business case to the Secretary of State for a change in fire service governance for the county. Full details of the review, decisions and outcomes are provided on these pages for information.

Norfolk Fire & Rescue Governance Review

PCC Lorne Green has announced his decision not to submit a final business case to the Secretary of State at this time.

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The Policing and Crime Act, which became law on 3 April 2017, places a new statutory duty on emergency service organisations to collaborate with one another where it is in the interests of efficiency or effectiveness.

The Act also includes provisions that enable Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs), where a local case is made in the interest of economy, efficiency and effectiveness, or public safety, to take on responsibility for the governance of fire and rescue services.

During 2018, Norfolk's PCC Lorne Green undertook a review of fire and rescue service governance in the county. These pages provide information on that process.

Could public services in Norfolk be delivered more efficiently and effectively?

In response to this new legislation, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk (OPCCN) appointed consultant, Grant Thornton, following a competitive tender process, to carry out an independent review and appraisal of the options which the legislation enables.

That project was initially split into two phases:

Phase 1

  • An options appraisal and the development of an outline business case.

And then if, at the options appraisal and outline business case stage, a case for change could be made:

Phase 2

  • Development of a full business case.

The outline business case developed by Grant Thornton in Phase 1 of the project was presented to PCC Lorne Green in January 2018.

The PCC then took the decision in February 2018 to proceed to Phase 2 of the project.

The full business case (completed under Phase 2) was presented to the PCC in July 2018. Having carefully considered all of the evidence provided to him in the full business case, the PCC took the decision to proceed to:

Phase 3

  • Public consultation.

After careful consideration of the consultation results, and having weighed up all the evidence, the PCC announced his decision not to submit a final business case to the Secretary of State at this time.

Phase 4

PCC decision (including full consultation report).

More information on the phases of the project is available using the links below: