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Governance and delivery

Priorities and delivery 2020-23  

The board will meet 6 times a year to review performance and to consider and approve any new initiatives.

Agreed priorities:

  • Identify and focus on emerging risks
  • Respond appropriately to the physical and mental health needs of people entering the Criminal Justice System (CJS), supporting victims and offenders to access the help they need
  • Support a culture of continuous improvement that will maximise the potential to maintain capacity and capability across the CJS, within the resource framework available
  • Be accountable for the scrutiny of performance and delivery across the CJS, demonstrating the impact of the Board, with the aim of increasing confidence in the CJS.

The board has several delivery groups, consisting of strategic and operational agency leads. The groups will be responsible for delivery of improved performance, achieving the priorities in their area of business through strong leadership, management and supervision.

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