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PCC to present 2020/21 policing budget proposal to Panel

Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), Lorne Green, will take his proposals for the 2020/21 policing budget to the county’s Police and Crime Panel next week.

The PCC will present his proposals to Panel members at a public meeting at County Hall on Tuesday 4 February.

The Panel, which is made up of councillors and independent members, will scrutinise the proposed budget plans, including the PCC’s decision on how much Norfolk’s taxpayers will contribute to funding their policing service through council tax.

“Setting the policing budget for their force area is one of the most important – and difficult - decisions for which Police and Crime Commissioners are responsible”, said PCC Lorne Green. “It’s a decision that has significant implications – both in relation to the level to which our police force is funded, and the service it can deliver to our communities.

“It is my duty, in making that decision, to balance the burden on local taxpayers with the safety of our county – a duty I do not take lightly.”

A five-week public consultation, which ran during December and January, saw the PCC launch an online survey and visit locations across Norfolk to gather public views on how much people would be prepared to pay to help fund their policing service. In its 2020/21 police funding announcement, the Government gave PCCs the flexibility to increase the policing element of council tax in their police force area by up to £10 per year (based on a Band D property) before triggering a referendum.

“As PCC, I have made a commitment to give Norfolk residents the opportunity to help shape policing where they live and influence the key decisions that affect them.

“In delivering against this commitment, I have undertaken an extensive programme of engagement throughout the year – which includes my regular Q&A events - to explore public views on what they want, need and expect from their policing service.

“And I am very grateful to all those who took part in my recent budget consultation – whether through the online survey, by getting in touch with my office, or by sharing their views with me as I’ve been out and about across the county.

“The decision I take to Panel on Tuesday will take into account what Norfolk residents have said, along with what our Chief Constable says is needed in order to deliver an efficient and effective policing service.”

The Norfolk Police and Crime Panel meets at 10am, Tuesday 4 February in the Edwards Room at County Hall. The agenda and reports for the meeting are available here.