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Norfolk Community Safety Partnership published Domestic Homicide Reviews

Trigger warning: Please note, these reports deals with difficult subjects relating to domestic abuse, serious violence and mental health conditions. While efforts are made to write the reports in a way that is not overly descriptive and limits the use of third-party and non-relevant personal information, there are instances where detailed information is necessary. We do advise caution for those who may be triggered by reading information that might be distressing and ask that they are helped to read the report in a safe and supported way.

Lynne was murdered by her former partner after suffering years of coercive control, mental, physical and economic abuse.

DHR Lynne - Executive Summary

DHR Lynne - Overview Report

Helen was killed by her long-term partner at their home in 2018. Her body was discovered in 2021. Helen was being coercively controlled by her partner, which included financial abuse that continued after her death.

DHR Helen - Executive Summary

DHR Helen - Overview Report

Chiman, as identified in the report, was 32 when she was killed by her husband. The review highlights the complexities surrounding honour-based abuse (HBA).

Chiman DHR - Executive Summary

Honour-Based Abuse information sheet

Daisy - as identified in the report - was 89 when she was killed by her husband. Daisy and her husband were known as a devoted and caring couple. This Review is a reminder of the tensions inherent in situations where the physical frailty of a carer limits their ability to provide the care desired for a loved one. It raises the question of the status of carers and older members of our communities, and how they are valued by services and society.

Maria – as identified in the report – was aged 26 at the time of her death. She was killed by her ex-partner at her home. Her ex-partner pleaded guilty to her murder in December 2018 and subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 19 years 264 days before parole can be considered.

Maria DHR - Executive Summary

Maria DHR - Overview Report

Maria DHR - Home Office letter

Mary – as identified in the report – had been married to Henry for 50 years. They were an independent couple, self-sufficient, wary of strangers and very private. Mary took full responsibility for caring for Henry’s deteriorating mental and physical health, despite offers of support. 

Until Mary’s murder, domestic abuse was not apparent. However, there were elements of behaviour within their relationship that relate to traditional gender roles not uncommon in older people, but are now understood to be indicative of a level of coercion and control. 

There are lessons for health, social care and housing in how they recognise mounting pressures within relationships where there is increasing carer dependency.

Mary DHR - Executive Summary

Mary DHR - Overview Report

April – as identified in the report – was 32 when she died. She was a deeply devoted and loving mother, daughter and friend. She was brutally murdered by a violent and controlling individual, who was known to several agencies. The nature of the coercive and controlling behaviours that April faced were significant, and there are important lessons for all of us in appreciating the barriers that need to be overcome to support victims effectively.  

April DHR - Executive Summary

April DHR - Overview Report

Stephanie – as identified in the report – was killed by her husband of 11 years after he discovered that she was having an affair and intending to leave him. He then killed himself.  Although there was no contact with specialist agencies, there are lessons for universal services such as GPs and hospitals.

Stephanie DHR - Executive Summary

Stephanie DHR - Overview Report

Kelly – as identified in the report – was 31 years old when she died. A much loved daughter and sister, Kelly was receiving assistance from agencies shortly before her unexpected death, having recently been subject to MARAC. Kelly had been in a relationship which she was trying to leave and was starting to talk to professionals about her drug and alcohol issues.

Kelly DHR - Executive Summary

Kelly DHR - Overview Report

Emily – as identified in the report – was described as a well-liked member of the community. Married to the same man for over 40 years, she had recently been seeking help due to his erratic and controlling behaviour. Although she actively sought and received support from several services, she was unable to find an acceptable solution to the problems she was experiencing at home. Emily took her own life the day before her 70th birthday.

Emily DHR - Executive Summary

Emily DHR - Overview Report

Kitty – as identified in the report – was described by family, friends and colleagues as a gregarious, hard-working, resilient woman, who despite many set-backs in her life kept smiling. She had many friends, and colleagues said she was a genuine person, and someone you could confide in, and she had an amazing personality. Although friends and colleagues were aware that she was not happy at home she managed to keep a smile on her face. She had separated from her husband but due to financial reasons they still shared the same house. Returning home from a night out with friends, her husband stabbed her repeatedly.

Kitty DHR - Executive Summary

Kitty DHR - Overview Report

Fatou – as identified in the report – was an intensely private person who was very seriously minded. She worried about other family members and she 'took the weight of the family on her shoulders'. She always wanted to do everything to make the family happy, and keep up appearances.  Gambian-born, Fatou had many miscarriages and unsuccessful IVF attempts which were a major concern to her and her culture.  Married to Ebou, an older man who was a ‘Walter Mitty’ character, who murdered her and then killed himself.

Fatou DHR - Executive Summary

Fatou DHR - Overview Report

Mrs M was a strikingly beautiful, bubbly, vivacious woman who could be the life and soul of the party who would light up a room. However, her larger than life personality could also be used as a veneer to cover up her low self-esteem; she needed reassurance and was vulnerable. Mrs M’s early adolescence was undoubtedly a troubled and self-destructive phase in her life and the issues remained, with her mental ill-health making her vulnerable and unpredictable at times. She was killed after an argument with her husband.

Mrs M DHR - Executive Summary

Mrs M DHR - Overview Report

Mrs A was an attractive, bubbly, and gregarious woman. She loved to dress up for social occasions and would accompany her husband to local events connected to some of his duties locally. Mrs A and her husband Mr B were viewed as a fun-loving very outward-going, well known couple, and Mr B was said to be proud to have Mrs A on his arm. They had an open relationship – both had affairs, although tensions were later evident. Mrs A was thinking of leaving Mr B when he shot her and then killed himself.

Mrs A DHR - Executive Summary

Mrs A DHR - Overview Report