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Have your say - PCC wants your views on keeping Norfolk safe

Lorne Green is asking Norfolk people to share their views and to help shape and develop his Police and Crime Plan for 2016-2020.

The consultation, which starts on Monday (June 20) will run for eight weeks and close on Friday August 12. As well as running an online survey, the PCC will be meeting with people, groups and organisations across the county to help him draft his plan.

That plan, to be published in the Autumn, will outline what the PCC will work to achieve over his four-year term, as well as setting out the objectives for policing, the resources that will be made available to the Chief Constable and how performance will be measured.

Launching the consultation, Lorne said: “My police and crime plan will set out how we, as a county, tackle crime and disorder between now and 2020.

“In setting that plan, I must meet requirements set by the Home Secretary, such as ensuring our police have the capacity and capability to respond to threats like cybercrime, terrorism and child sexual abuse.

“I must also take into account what victims of crime, our police, partners and other agencies identify as the key issues affecting Norfolk.

“The final piece of the jigsaw, and the part that will enable me to ensure the needs of Norfolk people are considered, is the community perspective on crime and policing.

“During my campaign to become your PCC, I spoke with many people living and working in different parts of our county, and began the process of finding out about the issues of most concern to them.

“To build on what I heard, and get a fuller picture of what matters to our communities, I am asking people to share with me their views on crime and policing. Your views are crucial to ensuring the approach we take over the next four years is the right one for our county.”

From speaking to people in market squares and supermarkets, to attending community meetings and events, Lorne will be gathering public views across Norfolk over the next eight weeks.

A short survey has also been set up online which will run until the end of the consultation period. People are also invited to email, telephone and write to the PCC to give their views.

Dedicated email address:

Web survey:

Twitter: #TellLorne

Phone: 01953 424455

Postal address: Building 8, Falconers Chase, Wymondham, NR18 0WW