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PCC steps in to support victims of domestic abuse

A Norfolk charity which supports survivors of domestic violence is back online after Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner stepped in to help.

Sprowston-based Dawn’s New Horizon supports male and female victims of domestic violence, providing a “one stop shop” for information and support services.

The Cannerby Lane organisation, set up by Lorraine Saunders, sells items donated by the public to raise funds to support people experiencing domestic abuse by offering information, advice and counselling.

Back in November 2014, Norfolk PCC Stephen Bett visited Dawn’s New Horizon to see where a grant he had given them was being spent. During the visit, Lorraine mentioned they had been experiencing serious problems with their website provider and had lost the ability to access or update their site. Lorraine explained that this was having a real effect on survivors accessing information and support.

The PCC said he would see if the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner could help. After waiting months to gain access to the previous website, it was decided it would be easier, and more cost effective, to start from scratch.

This month a new website, developed by staff at the OPCCN at a cost of less than £100 was launched, providing a platform for victims of domestic abuse to seek help and advice.

Lorraine: "“We are delighted with the new-look website and the support to help set it up." Lorraine: "“We are delighted with the new-look website and the support to help set it up."

Lorraine said:  “We are delighted with the new-look website and the support from the police and crime commissioner’s office to help set it up. The website has been designed so that we have full control within Dawn’s New Horizon and can keep the website informative and up to date.

“Our website is a key part of our work in supporting people who are or have been experiencing domestic violence or abuse. It is full of information about how to leave safely, survivors stories and about how it can affect men as well. There are also useful exit links to ensure privacy.

"As an organisation, Dawn’s New Horizon continues to grow and support more people every year. Domestic violence and abuse is an on-going problem and our aim is to continue to be here and provide an easy way for women and men to access support and advice when they need it.”

Stephen said: “It was great to visit Lorraine and her team of dedicated staff.  I got to see first-hand how the money I provided in 2014 was spent, and to see how the new website the office provided is helping the charity reach victims of domestic abuse.

“It’s heart-warming to see such a small organisation offer so much to the local community. It is success stories such as this which make my role as the PCC worthwhile and I wish Lorraine and her team the all the best for the future.”

Dawn’s New Horizon provides services for the whole of Norwich and Norfolk and can be found at: