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PCC welcomes body-worn cameras for officers across Norfolk

Body-worn cameras have been rolled out across the county as part of Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner’s pledge to provide 21st century tools to tackle 21st century crimes.

All frontline roads policing officers, firearms, dog units and dedicated licensing team officers are now wearing the high-tech gadgets with a pledge that all frontline officers will be equipped by the end of the year.

Welcoming the news PCC Lorne Green, said: “These cameras will keep our officers safe, these cameras will speed up the criminal justice system, these cameras will reduce complaints.

“This is an investment to save, an investment to save because it ought to cut the number of complaints and assaults against police officers so rather than sitting outside court rooms or in hospital waiting rooms they can be out preventing or fighting crime.”

BodyWornVideoPIC-640x480-237x178The cameras, which have been in operation since 30 May, have been supplied by Reveal Media.

They are attached to officers’ uniforms and will not be permanently recording.

Lorne added: “I listened to officers and spent time on the frontline, seeing the challenges they face and the demands on them.

“This is a crucial investment for Norfolk Constabulary. The cameras will provide greater safety for officers, improve transparency over our officers’ interactions with the public, providing community reassurance and building confidence. If they’ve been caught on camera, it is more likely perpetrators will take responsibility for their actions.

“Our officers must have the right technology they need to fight the crime types affecting Norfolk today, they must have 21st century tools to fight 21st century crimes and I will ensure such technology is delivered."