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PCC writes to Home Secretary to highlight 'grave concerns' over pensions proposal

PCC Lorne Green has written to the Home Secretary and Policing Minister to highlight his concerns over the prospect of Norfolk Constabulary having to find an unanticipated and unbudgeted £5.6m to pay additional officer employer's pension contributions over two years.

Lorne said: “I am counting on the government’s pledge to work with forces to understand the impacts of what is being proposed. Where Norfolk is concerned, our county’s men, women and children have been fortunate to have a police force which has been working hard to weather the financial storms to this point – making tough decisions to find necessary efficiencies and radically changing the way it works to build for the future and protect the services our communities need and rely upon.

With our Chief Constable warning of the potential for police numbers to be at an all-time low and fundamental services being under threat, it is gravely concerning that these pension proposals could have the scope to deliver a massive blow to policing in our county. I have contacted the Home Secretary and Policing Minister direct to make sure that message is heard loud and clear and to seek their understanding.”