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Phase 2 – Full business case

The review of fire service governance in Norfolk was carried out during the 2016-2021 term of former PCC Lorne Green. In November 2018, the decision was taken not to submit a final business case to the Secretary of State for a change in fire service governance for the county. Full details of the review, decisions and outcomes are provided on these pages for information.

Having considered the evidence gathered by Grant Thornton through an options appraisal at Phase 1 of the project, Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Lorne Green took the decision in February 2018 to progress to Phase 2 –  exploration of the potential benefits of a change to fire governance and development of a full business case.

That business case included an assessment of how a change of fire governance would be in the interests of either:

  • Economy, efficiency and effectiveness; or
  • Public safety.

The full business case, developed under Phase 2, has now been completed.

Full business case

After careful consideration of all the evidence presented in the full business case PCC Lorne Green decided there was ‘A Case for Change’ of governance of the county’s fire and rescue service.

The PCC took the decision to progress to Phase 3 of the project – launch of a public consultation.

Phase 3 - Public consultation